Security Label 2”x9”


Security Label 2''x9''


Security Labels are specially designed to reveal an attempted rape. By detaching the label from its site leaves a trail with the hidden word “Opened” and are impossible to reseal. The evidence is now irreversible

Main Applications:

Stainless Steel, Glass, Painted Metal, Cardboard, Polyester, Polypropylene treated, PVC, SBS, including more applications.


Security Label numbered with consecutive serial numbers and unique
Resistance: equal to 13.730 N.
Withstands temperatures within the range of -17 ° C to 67 ° C
Material: Polyester and is manufactured with durable adhesive.
Size: 2 “x9″.


Bag of 100 pieces
Roll of 333 pieces
The weight of the roll is 0.62 Kilograms.

Instructions for Use:

1. Make sure to use the label area is free from moisture and dust.
2. Peel off the label of special paper.
3. Place it in the desired area and press enough throughout the air.
4. Let the glue cure for 10 minutes improved performance.
5. Record the number of security tag for control.